Formal Apology Email

During business dealings, blunders happen but these mistakes never harm your company rather it is the way you handle such unexpected situations. Expressing your remorse is very important to make the other party realise that you are responsible enough to make amends.

Sending a formal apology email is the best way to calm things down. However, you will have to be very careful while writing such email as you do not want to damage your relationship with the other party. You should not only say sorry but also give them a solid reason that caused this blunder.

For making your email more effective, make sure that you are following the right format. The first thing you should do is to put the correct email address followed by a catchy subject of the email.

After this, you will give a suitable salutation and then come to the point straight away in the opening paragraph.

Use the second paragraph of your email to mention the reasons that led to this situation. You may refer to your past record and draw the other party’s attention to the fact that it never happened before.

In the next paragraph, assure your addressee that it will never happen again and express your remorse for all the inconvenience.

Conclude your email with a proper closing followed by your name and other necessary information.


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    Sample of Formal Apology Email:

    Subject: My apology for the late delivery of the merchandise

    Respected Sir,

    I am sending this email to offer my sincere apology for the delay in delivery of your order number 8174 that you placed on March 17, 2011. We were supposed to deliver this merchandise to your store before the 1st of April but an unfortunate incident proved a big hurdle.

    A group of workers announced to strike and refused to work in the third week of March. Though we managed to resolve the issue but it frittered away all the progress as we had to start from scratch. However, we still managed to deliver the order with the least amount of delay.

    I apologise again and assure you that such things will never happen in the future. I hope this will not affect our business relationship.


    Adam Smith
    Manager Sales
    K.K. Leathers Pvt. Ltd.

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    Template of Formal Apology Email:

    To: [email address of the recipient]
    Subject: My apology for the [mention the issue]

    Dear [name of the addressee],

    This note is an official apology for [mention the issue]. We understand that you had to undergo a great deal of trouble but let me tell you this was completely unintentional.

    Our company’s repute and past record shows that as an organisation we believe in professionalism. This time [give the reason] completely disabled us and we could not stick by the agreement.

    However, we assure you that we have made a backup plan and such things will not happen in the future. We hope that our companies will enjoy a good business partnership in the coming days.


    [Your Name]
    [Company Name]

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