Fujifilm Sues Motorola Over Patents

Nowadays, it has been a very common trend to file a lawsuit against an Android manufacturer for patent infringement. This is because Android has become an easy target for many companies.  Samsung and Apple have been in a court war for many years in more than dozen countries. Apple also filed a lawsuit against Motorola Mobility, but U.S. judge dismissed all the proceedings between the two companies once for all.

The latest company which has decided to pull up its socks in the court’s war is Fujifilm, the renowned Japanese film company. The company has recently sued Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility over various alleged patent infringements relating to camera and communication features. The company claims that a huge amount of Motorola’s handsets are involved in this infringement. The patents include Patent #6,144,763 Patenft #6,915,119, Patent #7,327,886 and Patent #5,734,427.

The patent infringement war between the two companies started last year in April, when Fujifilm claimed that Motorola was copying its four patents. In order to resolve this issue, representatives from both the companies held a number of face-to-face meetings. The issue was apparently not sort out according to the Fujifilm’s will which eventually led the company to bring this case in front of the court.

The case filed by Fujifilm alleges several Motorola phones that infringe some or all of the patents. The handsets and tablet that have violated the patents include Droid X, X2, 2 Global, Bionic, Atrix, Electrify, Photon 4G, XPRT, Defy, Cliq and Titanium phones.

In its lawsuit, Fujifilm requests the respective court to consider its appeal in its favor, and orders Motorola to pay damages that were suffered by Fujifilm in paying all legal cost.

Fujifilm, Google and Motorola Mobility haven’t immediately commented on this issue yet. However, Fujifilm is looking for huge amount of damages against the company.

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