Garfunkel’s Restaurants in London

Garfunkel’s is a famous British restaurant chain founded in 1979. The restaurant is inspired by cuisine from all over the world, including British food. The well established brand is known for its top quality food and large selection of dishes. Garfunkel’s has branches located throughout central London in many tourist hot spots and shopping malls. Along with the great food, the restaurant’s interior is also considered to be trendy and modern. The menu has burgers, pizzas, Fish and Chips , pastas and Cottage Pie. All the dishes are prepared with great finesse by the restaurant’s experienced chefs. However, all this pales in comparision to Garfunkel’s delicious salad bar, which is  considered to be the highlight of the meal. Furthermore; the family friendly atmosphere, great food and rocking decor make the Garfunkel’s chain a true British classic.


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    Garfunkel’s restaurant head office

    There are many branches of Garfunkel’s restaurant situated throughout the London. All of these branches come under the head office branch, which manages their operations.

    Location: 5-7 Marshalsea Road London, SE1 1EP. View Map
    Contact: +44 84 5612 5001
    Visit: Garfunkel’s website.

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    Branches of Garfunkel’s Restaurant

    Over several years Garfunkel’s has developed and added branches to its chain. If you want to find the location of different branches of Garfunkel’s restaurant near you Click Here.

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    Products & Services of Garfunkel’s restaurant

    Garfunkel’s restaurant is offering a number of products and services to its customers. Here is the complete list of products and services available at Garfunkel’s restaurant:

    Dine in option for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

    Online Booking

    If you are interested in dining at Garfunkel’s restaurant, then you can view the menu Click Here.

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    Operational hours of Garfunkel’s restaurant

    The Garfunkel’s restaurant remains open from 10 am to 10 pm from Monday to Thursday and even on Sunday. However, on Saturday and Friday the restaurant is open from 10 am to 11 pm.

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    Careers at Garfunkel’s restaurant London

    Ever since 1979 Garfunkel’s has been a growing restaurant. It has opened many branches all across London. With multiple branches under its umbrella, the restaurant is always looking for suitable candidates for hiring. If you are interested in applying at Garfunkel’s restaurant, then you can visit their career and jobs right Here.

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    How to get to Garfunkel’s head office

    You can reach Garfunkel’s restaurant by tube or by bus. You can use the following directions to find out the exact location of Garfunkel’s restaurant's head office.

    By tube

    From Borough tube station, head northwest on Marshalsea Rd/A3201 towards Disney P1. Garfunkel’s restaurant’s head office will be on the left. View Map.

    By bus

    You can reach the Garfunkel’s head office from bus routes. In order to reach head office from Borough  Station (Stop C) you can take the bus numbers 133 and N133.

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