Guide To Get Google AdWords Certified

Do you happen to own a website or blog? Would you like to make some revenue through your website? Well, Google AdWords is one of the easiest and best ways to make revenue online using your website. The service was introduced by Google in 2000. It works by compensating the websites that participate through a pay per click model. This model is also used by advertisers that want to get customers for their products online. The process is quite beneficial. Perhaps this is the reason why advertisers find it necessary to hire people that specialize in creating and managing successful AdWords campaigns. Here is a guide that can help your website to get a Google AdWords certification.


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    The first step that you have to take is to decide whether you want certification for an individual or for a company. If you need a company certification, there is certain criterion that you have to meet. You have to have at least one employee that had previously been certified as an individual. There is a spend management criterion. By 2010, one was required to have managed at least $10000 in advertising programs from a single MCC center.

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    When you make sure that you have met these preliminary criteria, you have to study for all the appropriate certification examinations. The most helpful resource for this exam is the AdWords certification program learning center. When you have familiarized yourself with the types of questions that they are going to be asking, you can take the next step and join the certification program. This is done by opening an account with the AdWords certification website.

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    After joining the program, the next step is getting a candidate ID. At this point, in case you would like to link an individual account to the company certified account, it is possible to do so by requesting to be invited by a member of the company who is certified. Once you have obtained your ID and completed registration, you can start taking your examinations. The exams are offered by a third party entity as of 2010.

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    The most basic and most important examination that you need to pass is the basic advertising fundamentals exams. Besides this basic examination, you also need to pass in at least one advanced level examination if you are looking for individual certification. If you have employees that are participating in company certification programs, they have to pass two or more advanced level examinations.

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    Once you have passed the examination, you will receive certification from Google.  You can choose to allow the achievement to be shown on the website. Showing the certification is actually a great way to advertise your website and the services that it provides. On the other hand, if you are not so lucky with the certification during the first round of the exam, you can register and retake the examination again. As you can see, the process of getting certified by Google AdWords is not really that complicated, you just need to get registered and to read the right material.

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