Apply for US Study Visa from London

Studying abroad has become a major trend lately, with students temporarily moving to foreign countries to pursue their degrees. While London itself has several esteemed and renowned institutions, if you intend to study in the US, you will need to apply for a US study visa.

The visa application process was not nearly as daunting as people think it is. Sure you have to jump through a series of hoops to complete your application, but it is obvious that the staff of the U.S. Embassy have tried their best to accelerate the process and make it as efficient as possible. This guide will walk you through the whole process and tell you how you can apply for the study visa.


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    First you need to read the instructions for the United States to London Visa, given by the United States embassy.

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    Once you accept an offer of admission, a university will require testimony of funds for the first year of study. This figure is based on the cost listed on the website of the college of university.

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    The college will send the appropriate certificate of eligibility once you have been deemed eligible for admission.

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    Complete the form to get listed in the SEVIS database of international visitors. You can fill out the online form; you also have to pay the SEVIS fee [two hundred dollars $ for a visa F]. For more information about the SEVIS program, please see the Immigration Service and United States Customs.

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    All visa applicants are obligated to complete the new online visa form and pay the visa application fee [one hundred forty dollars $]. You can start the application up to 120 days prior to your entry into the United States.

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    After completing the form, you will be asked to take a printed confirmation of the interview. For more information, please note the United States Embassy's list of frequently asked questions on the form.

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    You may want to prepare for your visa interview. The student visa applicants must be able to demonstrate these criterions to the visa officers:
    * You are going to be completing a degree of good faith or program of study abroad in the United States.
    * You have funds for the first year of your stay in the United States.

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    You need to hand over your passport to the United States Embassy after the appointment. Look forward to receiving your visa and passport at an average of five to seven business days.

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    After receiving your visa issued passport, book your trip to the United States. Visa holders may enter the United States 30 days before the start date and stay within 60 days following the date of completion of your program as indicated.

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