Making Your Own Air Freshener Spray

Air fresheners are among the most popular home care and maintenance products available, mostly because keeping the environment fresh and fragrant is a major concern for most home owners. Grocery stores are a testament to this, as there are multiple aisles loaded with different types of air fresheners – in addition to the variety of scents that are available, there are also air fresheners that are timed, motion detecting, run by electricity, and of course the traditional air fresheners in a spray bottle. Many of these products contain a bevy of chemicals with names that are difficult to pronounce, and are most likely subtly harmful for those who happen to inhale them.

Luckily, there is a very simple and effective way to make a home-made air freshener spray, that can be tailored to smell exactly as you would like it to. The entire process of creating this homemade air freshener takes less than 8 minutes, and the concoction can be made with common household ingredients that you are already likely to have lying around at home.

Things Required:

– 1 ounce clear alcohol
– 6 ounces distilled water
– 20-40 drops of essential oils (your preferred scent)
– Spray bottle


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    Buy the right equipment and ingredients

    The first step is to make sure you have all the things that are needed to create your own air freshener spray. Alcohol is an important ingredient, and for this purpose, you can use rubbing alcohol, vodka or even gin.

    However, the most important ingredient is obviously the scent – for this purpose, instead of using harsh or potentially harmful chemicals, it is best to use essential oils. These are derived from natural plant oils, and can be purchased at your local home store or grocery store – buy the scent that appeals to you the most.

    Finally, the spray bottle is another important component, as this is the container in which you will be making and storing your air freshener. These are not hard to find, and can easily be purchased at your local grocery store or dollar store.

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    Mix It Up

    Once you have all the ingredients, pour them all into your spray bottle. Secure the cap and shake vigorously for a couple of minutes, to ensure that everything is thoroughly incorporated.

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    Locked and Loaded

    Your air freshener spray is now ready for use. Keep it in a cool, dry place when not in use, and spray it to freshen the atmosphere of a room, or even to enliven musty linens.

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