Track Your Day to Day Expenses

To earn is not that difficult a task as is to manage your day-to-day expenses. There are countless examples of people who have been earning more than their needs but still they are unable to meet their monthly expenses properly.

The reason is that they could not handle the daily expenditures in a smart way and ultimately have to face the shortage of money at the end of month. One can control his/her daily expenses by finalising the budget properly and keeping track. It is possible to get by even if you are earning just enough to manage your necessary expenses and the following steps will teach ho you to track your day to day expenses properly so that you don’t have to worry about managing your money every month.


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    Maintain a register at home

    The simple and the easiest way to keep track of your daily expenses is to maintain a register at home and write your day to day expenses in it. At the end of the month you will have a clear view about your daily, weekly and monthly needs. It will help you to cut down luxurious items from your list and in next month you can save the amount of money you spend on unnecessary items.

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    Use daily budget mobile apps

    Mobile apps have made it easier for you to maintain your day to day expense log. You can download mobile apps from the internet for iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones. If you are looking to download daily budget apps, here are the links for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

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    Pocket Diary

    Another way of tracking your daily expenses is to keep a small pocket dairy with you. As you purchase anything, write down in it and at the day end calculate the amount of money you spent in the whole day.

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    Online tracking

    Here is another way to keep track of your finances. If you use internet on mobile or at home you can keep track of your day to day expenses online. Here is the link of one of one such website providing this facility.

  • 5

    Ms Excel spread sheet

    You can download Ms Excel spread sheet and can keep a record of your expenses in it. In the sheet you are provided with the complete details of the daily routine items and can easily track them at the end of the month.

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    Keep a pocket notebook or diary

    keep a small diary or a pocket notebook with you so you can fill in your expenditure on the spot.

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