Festival Leave Letter

Festivals are great for getting together with friends and family members to spend some quality time. If an event or festival you celebrate is coming up, now might be the time to submit a leave application to take time off from work.

Here we won’t just show you how to write a festival leave letter, but will also provide samples and a template for your use.

Read Tips for Writing a Festival Leave Letter below


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    Tips for Writing a Festival Leave Letter below

    You don't need to explain the festival, but you should elaborate on why it's important for you to attend.
    Give the exact dates for the festival and your leaves.
    Clearly mention who will be covering up for you.
    Leave emergency contact information with the HR department or your colleagues.


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    Sample of a Festival Leave Letter #1

    Date: May 1, 2011

    Bernie Martinez
    Head of Finance
    ABC Firm
    123 Company Ave.
    New York, New York


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    Juan Hernandez
    Assistant Finance Manager

    RE: Festival Leave

    Dear Mr. Martinez,

    As we discussed yesterday, I would like to seek permission for a 2 day leave to attend the Cinco De Mayo festival from May 5 to May 6.


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    As you know, my family from Mexico is visiting me this month and the festival is one of the few chances I get to spend time with them while they are in the city.

    I will complete the Department of Defense proposal before I head out on my break. If there are any questions, I can be reached on my cell phone.


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    If you approve my leave, I will be back to work from May 7.

    Thanks and regards,
    Juan Hernandez

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    Festival Leave Letter Sample #2


    Kevin Moore
    VP of Human Resources
    ABC Company
    123 Company Ln.
    New York, New York


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    Prakash Patel
    HR Manager

    Date: October 1, 2011

    RE: Diwali Leave

    Respected Sir,

    I would like to request 1 week off to attend the Diwali festival taking place in Chicago. As I mentioned to you earlier today, the festival is an important event in our religious calendar and it would mean a lot for me to spend that time with my family.

    If approved, I will be on leave from October 20 to October 27.

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    In my absence I recommend that Steven Myers be assigned the task of performance reviews. I have spoken with him about the remaining employees that still need appraisals. He can contact me during office hours on my cell phone or by email.

    Prakash Patel

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    Template of a Festival Leave Letter

    (Boss's Full Name)
    (Job Designation)
    (Firm name)
    (Firm address)

  • 10

    (Employee Name)
    (Employee job title)


    RE: (Subject)

    Respected Sir,

  • 11

    I would like to request (Number of days or weeks leave required) off to attend the (Name of festival) festival being held in (Location).

    (Your reason/Importance of festival/Why you must attend), which is why I will need to take leaves from (Date of start) to (Date of end).

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    For the duration of my absence (Colleague name) will be handling all issues and will be coordinating with me via phone and e-mail if required.

    I hope you will consider my request favorably and approve my leave.


    (Your Name)

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