Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant Dubai Overview

Kempinski Hotel in Ajman is known for its fine restaurants. One of its famous restaurants is Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant, which serves mouth-watering Chinese dishes plus guests will also get to relish delights of Szechwan and Cantonese provinces. This delicious eastern feast offered at Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant is hard to compare with any other bistro. For the reason that aside from tasty main course dishes, guests can also relish in a wide array of appetisers, which includes tangy mixtures and rounded flavours. In addition to this guests should also keep some room to enjoy the delicious desserts offered at the restaurant after dinner.

The atmosphere of Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant is also quite amazing, as its interior is well decorated in typical Chinese style that will remind guests of historical China. A beautiful wooden rickshaw is also placed in Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant, which drags lot of attention of the guests.

Contact: +971 6 714 5555, +971 6 742 3336 (Fax)


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    Products & Services:

    There are numerous products and services, which Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant offers. You can have a glimpse below before visiting the restaurant.

    Dine in:
    Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant offers beautiful dine in facilities with some of the best tasting Chinese cuisine prepared by world class chefs using only the finest ingredients. You and your family or friends will definitely have a wonderful dining experience at Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant.

    Chinese Cuisine:
    Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant offers the finest selection of Chinese cuisine. If you love Chinese food then Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant is the place to go. Be sure to try out the different authentic Chinese dishes that are on offer.

    Vegetarian Dishes:
    Do not forget to try the delicious vegetarian dishes that Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant offers. You will find a tremendous variety of delicious vegetable dishes made from the highest quality ingredients.

    Cantonese and Szechwan delights:
    If you prefer Cantonese or Szechwan dishes then go to Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant as they specialise in this type of cuisine. You and your family or friends will have plenty to choose from as you enjoy the wonderful tasting food.

    If you are looking to satisfy your sweet craving then don't forget to try one of the many desserts on offer at Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant. Their desserts are the perfect end to their fine cuisine.

    Alcohol Available:
    While waiting for a table you and your friends can have a nice drink to relax from a hard day at work. You will find a decent variety of alcoholic beverages available.

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    Operational Hours of Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant:

    The Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant remains close on Tuesdays, while in the rest of the days its daily operational hours last from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm.

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    Location of Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant:

    Kempinski Hotel Ajman, Sheikh Humaid BinRashid Al Nuaimi Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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    How to Get to Hai Tao Chinese Restaurant:

    There's no metro or bus station to the restaurant, so the best option is to use a taxi or car hire or else your own car.

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