Hapkido Club Dubai Overview

The word Hapkido has three meanings; “the body, the soul and the harmonious unity of the internal energy”. It was originated in Korea. Hapkido Club is a perfect place for Korean martial art. Its main objective is the welfare of the people and development of mind, body and spirit, and teaches the art of self-defense in an appropriate manner. It helps in enhancing your confidence, improves your physical fitness, increase flexibility and ultimately helps in reducing stress. Moreover, the highly professional staff teaches visitors with special techniques of self-defense in relax and respectful environment. Read this article and explore more about Hapkido Club.

Contact: +971 4 232 5670
Visit: Hapkido Club Website


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    Products & Services

    Hapkido Club conferral services are:

    - Teaches a wide range of techniques including strikes, joint locks, grappling and  throws.
    - Serious training in the art of Hapkido is given under the supervision of    specialized staff.
    - Conducive environment is provided to all the visitors.
    - Self-defense classes are also held for ladies.

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    Operational hours of Hapkido Club

    Hapkido Club operates three days a week. On Tuesday and Thursday, the operational hours are from 7:00 to 8:30pm, whereas on Saturdays the timings are 10:00 to 11:30am.

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    Location of Hapkido Club

    Al Areesh Club, Festival City, Dubai United Arab Emirates

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    How to get to Hapkido Club

    Since there is no metro station located in the close proximity of Hapkido Club so you either have to hire a cab or go by bus to reach there.

    By bus

    Al Badia residence 1&8,A2 1 is the closest bus station to the club, and buses number 33 and F08 serve this station. It is 550m away from the club and by walk it takes around 7 minutes to reach there. Head east on Al Badia. At the roundabout you have to take the 1st exit and then take a slight left. You will see your destination on the left side. View map

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