Healthy Cooking Tips for Beginners

Beginner chefs face a lot of problems from cutting and burning themselves to over cooking and burning the food. If you are also new to cooking, you may have tried your hand at the easiest recipes, like sandwiches, eggs, fries and salads. Generic ingredients, such as cheese and mayonnaise can make for delicious snacks but these are not necessarily healthy.

Many people believe healthy is synonymous with bland and tasteless, but this is not true. If done properly, healthy food can be extremely delicious as well.


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    Chopping vegetables

    Sprinkle some salt on the surface of the cutting board before you start cutting and chopping vegetables. This will keep the veggies from going all over the counter. It will also keep sticky vegetables like garlic, from sticking to the cutting board.

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    Avoid overcooking pasta

    If you are fed up of overcooking pasta every time you boil it, don’t fret, almost ever beginner chef faces this issue. To avoid overcooking pasta, just remove the pan from the heat a couple of minutes before you think your pasta is fully cooked. This will stop the cooking process and since your pasta is still in hot water, it be almost done by the time you strain it.

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    Tilt saucepan a bit to avoid splattering burns

    One of the most common sights is starters burning themselves with sizzling oil while sautéing food. Oil can splatter easily from the saucepan while you are adding food, causing serious burns to you. To avoid this potential injury, you just need to tilt the pan a bit in the opposite direction while adding food to the simmering oil.

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    Use Salad dressing to make delicious chicken fingers

    Did you ever know that salad dressing can be used as a marinade for chicken fingers. With a sharp meat knife, cut your boneless chicken breasts into strips of your choice. Take a small bowl and pour your favourite salad dressing into it. In another bowl put some bread crumbs. Dip the chicken strips in the dressing, cover them completely with bread crumbs and deep fry.

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    Keep your food juicy while baking

    If you want to keep your baked food succulent, keep brushing it with chicken broth to increase its moisture level and make it less prone to drying out.

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    Never pour oil directly on food

    If you have to add oil to the pan during the cooking process, never pour it directly on the food. Cold oil penetrates into the food affecting its taste and nutritious value.

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