Historic Places in Ottawa

Ottawa has people from diversified backgrounds settled in the city. This makes it into a multi-cultural hub, showcasing various traditions. Amongst the many attractions that the city is distinguished for, the historic places that it hides within its territory are of particular importance.

To say that these places are exquisitely elegant and splendidly stunning would be an understatement! Starting from cemeteries to churches, these historic places hold an uncanny beauty in their structures. Not just calling out for the attention of historians, but fascinating a layman with their unnatural intrigue, is what makes these historic places in Ottawa a must visit!

So if you are planning a trip to Ottawa or reside there already, make sure you make time to visit the historic places in the city listed in this guide.


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    Beechwood Cemetery is much more than mere tombs because it offers visitors an impressive garden of trees and a profusion of flowers. Within these gardens lay people who are etched in history that dates back to 1873, when many brave men who served in World War II lost their lives.

    Historic Places in Ottawa
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    Billings Estate Museum was built in the early 18 century and was home to one of the founding families of the region and Lamira Braddish Billings. It is now a museum that is open from May to October, Tuesday to Sunday.



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    National Archives of Canada came into being after an Act of Parliament was passed in 1953 to preserve the literature of Canada. It is open daily for visitors and researchers from all over the world.

    Historic Places in Ottawa
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    St. Patrick's Basilica is the very first of Ottawa’s  Roman Catholic Church that had English as its language. St. Patrick has, for a long time, been a part in the history of the city. Founded in 1855 and found a basilica in 1995, the church has regular mass services.

    Historic Places in Ottawa
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    Canadian War Museum lets you get a glance at the rich military history of Canada from the most primitive times to the current one and so, the museum is a must see for any history lover.

    Historic Places in Ottawa
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    St. Margaret's Anglican Church is a stone church that got its official name in 1887 when the foundation stone was laid by Lady Macdonald herself, wife of Sir John A. Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada.



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    Notre Dame de Lourdes Grotto is based on the original Notre Dame de Lourdes that was built in France. It includes an arched stone shelter, which sustains the alter that has also been made of stone.

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    Laurier House National Historic Site of Canada was once the home of (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) and (William Lyon Mackenzie King) (two former Canadian prime ministers) and is a part of the ever rich national history of the Canadian state.

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    Heritage Canada Foundation was constructed in 1905 and is an old heritage house that was later used as an Italian Embassy. Located in the suburb of Ottawa, Blackburn is currently the head office of Heritage Canada Foundation.

    Historic Places in Ottawa
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    National Arts Centre was built after concentrated efforts of G. pettler Hamilton Southam and levi - the two people who managed to convince the city government for a need to build the centre.

    Historic Places in Ottawa

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