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Hogarth’s House Museum is the former residence of famous English artist of the 18th century, William Hogarth. Today this house belongs to the London Borough of Hounslow which has kept the art work and history related material of William Hogarth on display at this very site for the viewing of general public. The entrance in Hogarth’s House Museum is free therefore lot of art lovers often visit this house and see the amazing pieces of work. Some of the most famous art works of Hogarths can also seen at this house, which includes Harlot’s Progress, Marriage a la Mode, Rake’s Progress, Beer Street and Gin Lane. Aside from the history and arts work of Hogarths, visitors will also find a 300 year old mulberry tree in the garden of this house. Hogarth’s tomb is also located in a nearby graveyard.

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    History of Hogarth's House Museum:

    Hogarth's House was constructed somewhere between 1713 and 1717 by Downes Family who were original owners of this site. However, several years after the death of the owner, Hogarths bought this house in 1749. One year later in 1950, Hogarths extended this house and after that Mrs Hogarth also added a single storey to it in 1769. Then, in recent past during August 2009, Hogarth's House caught fire and it caused a lot of damage to the premises after which the building was closed for restructuring and renovation. This house remained closed until November 8, 2011 and then two of its floors were opened for visitors.

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    Collections to See in Hogarth's House Museum:

    - Hogarth’s History
    - Paintings
    - Prints
    - Engravings

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    Tickets and Entry:

    Entrance into Hogarth's House Museum does not need any ticket because it is free for all.

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    Operational Hours of Hogarth's House Museum:

    The opening hours of Hogarth's House Museum are from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm between Tuesday and Sunday, whereas on Mondays this museum remains closed.

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    Contact Hogarth's House Museum:

    If you've decided to visit Hogarth's House Museum's house museum and wish to ask for more information, then they can be contacted at the below mentioned number.

    Phone: +44 20 8994 6757

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    Location of Hogarth's House Museum:

    Hogarth Lane, Great West Road, London W4 2QN, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Hogarth's House Museum:

    By Tube

    Turnham Green tube station is to be found at a distance of 0.8 miles from Hogarth's House Museum. By walk a person can bridge this gap in about 15 minutes if he or she heads south on Turnham Green Terrace/B491 towards Thornton Avenue, which will lead them to the destination. Directions from Turnham Green tube station to Hogarth's House Museum.

    By Bus

    The nearest bus stop called Chiswick, Hogarth Roundabout (W4) (W-bound) is located at a walking distance of 1 minute from Hogarth's House Museum and if a bus user heads west on Hogarth Lane/A4 towards Sutherland Road, he or she will find the destination on the left after covering a distance of 299 ft from Chiswick, Hogarth Roundabout (W4) (W-bound). Bus number 710 has a stop at this bus terminal. Directions from Chiswick, Hogarth Roundabout (W4) (W-bound) to Hogarth's House Museum.

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