How do you Tag Up in Baseball

Baseball is one of the most loved games in the US. Every year millions flock to the stadiums and hundreds of millions watch the game on the television. For six months, there is a baseball frenzy that grips the whole nation. One of the reasons behind this passion for the game is the interesting rules of the game.
Small errors by either team can quickly take them down. Tagging up is an important part of the game and batters must understand the rule to ensure that they do not cause an extra out due to ignorance. It is simple to understand and can be very useful.


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    Base Runners

    It is not possible for two batters to be on the same base. In certain cases, base runners are the ones that need to tag up. It only happens when there is a pop up by the batter whenless than two outs have taken place. In case two batters are out, there is no point in tagging up. A tag up is needed when the fly ball is all set to go to a fielder in the outfield or the infield. If the base runner does not tag up on a fly ball, he will be out.

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    The Pop Up

    If a person is out on a fly ball, he does not reach the base. The runner or runners already on the base(s) must touch the base they are on until the glove of the potential fielder comes in contact with the ball. As soon as they ball hits the glove, they can run to the next base. In case they are unable to make it to the next base, they can simply stay at the base they are on and remain safe.

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    Sacrifice Fly

    There are cases in which one or more bases are loaded and a deep fly ball can actually help in adding runs to the scoreboard. In such a case, hitters often hit as far as they can, even if they are unable to clear the ground. Once the catch is taken, the base runners who had tagged up earlier runs to the next base and on or more runs can be scored. In this case, the batter who hits the fly ball gets the RBIs for the number of runners making it to the home plate without recording a hit.

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