How to Add a Glass Door Insert

When it comes to your doors, you want them look more attractive and catchy. Glass door inserts are considered as a modified choice and recent trend. It not only makes your door and home adorable but makes you feel happy and satisfied. Adding a Glass Insert in your door in an easy practice. Doing it yourself makes it more a fun. You don’t need to be a woodworker or craftsman to do this; you need some motivation, passion and creative taste.

Things Required:

– Jigsaw
– Drill machine
– 5/8 drill bit
– Measuring tape and or square ruler
– Caulk
– Pencil
– Screw driver

Estimated time:

– 2 hours


  • 1

    Mark the Cut line

    According to frame of the glass, put it on door and draw a cut line. Each frame has its two sides, outside of frame must be the one facing up and you need to mark the smaller side. In this guide we are using a fiber glass door. You can also avail other options as well. Now measure it keenly. While measuring you must keep in mind to draw a perfect square where you want to fix the glass. You have to measure it for more than once to have a perfect measurement.

  • 2

    Make holes by Drilling

    Coming up on drilling, make holes in the corners by using drill machine. Holes must be as big as the jigsaw blade size, so that could easily fix in it. Don’t practice to drill very close to the marked line, leave some margin. For close and fine cuts you must use jig saw.

  • 3


    Apply tape on outside of the marked or cut line. It will help you to protect your door from jigsaw also protects from damaging marks and scratches.

  • 4


    Make sure you are using the best jigsaw with sharp blades that could easily go through 1 ¾ inches door. Now start cutting the marked area ideally with full confidence.

  • 5

    Add outer Frame

    Now take out the cut. Make sure that you hold the cup until you make the final cut, for that you can use your second hand.  Don’t allow it to fall out because it will tear the facing ends.

  • 6

    Insert glass

    Now slowly pop in one part of frame and caulk onto the door. Make it clear that there should be sufficient caulk on all side of the frame, no worries it leak out onto the door. The imperative thing is that you don’t want any wetness/humidity between door and the frame. Now insert the exterior frame firstly, as it doesn't have any screw holes so you can guess the outside frame.

  • 7

    Final Look

    Now you can paint your door with any color and then stain and seal. Add glass, once again using caulk in order to protect it in frame. Inside the frame fix all screws, and we are done!

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