How to Add Pink to Your Valentine’s Day Meal

Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessary need to bring images of a tacky red heart-shaped box of chocolate and a big bouquet of red roses to mind – there are many other sweet, subtle, and far more creative ways to celebrate and enjoy the occasion. A great way to make Valentine’s Day special is to add pink or red to your meals for the day, giving them a festive theme. While it might seem difficult, with a little planning you can easily incorporate the pink colour in your meals for the day.


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    Start with breakfast. Serve fresh pink fruits, like pink grapefruit, blood oranges, or fresh strawberries and raspberries to add a splash of Valentine’s Day colour to the first meal of the day. Add strawberry syrup to milk to turn it pink, and have strawberry yoghurt instead of regular yoghurt. You can also make red velvet pancakes instead or the normal kind.

    Red velvet pancakes
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    Make your lunch equally festive. Serve pink lemonade alongside the meal, and turn your foods pink – e.g. using Catalina dressing to turn your potato salad pink. You can also incorporate pink in the meal by using ingredients like beets, radishes, and purple cabbage. Red apples with the peel kept on will also make a great addition to the lunch table.

    Pink potato salad
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    When it comes to dinner, there are again countless options for giving your meal a pink twist. Beet juice can be added to foods to give them a pink tinge. Aside from this, you can serve sweet cherry sauce over meats to make them Valentine’s Day appropriate.  Add red peppers, tomatoes, kidney beans, and pomegranate seeds to salads to give them a pink kick, or simply serve a bright red tomato salsa. In order to give rice a touch of pink, you can add in some curry and mix it up.

    Roast pork with cherry sauce
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    In addition to the three daily meals, you can have several pink treats and snacks throughout the day. Make a red velvet cake, frost peppermint heart-shaped cookies with pink frosting, make pink cinnamon apple sauce, and use decorations like red and pink M & Ms, Maraschino cherries, and pink sugar for desserts like cupcakes. If you are making truffles, use white chocolate for dipping and add some cherry juice to turn it pink. Sprinkle tiny heart-shaped pink sprinkles over everything to make it special.

    Pink frosted cake

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