How to Adjust a Medial Unloader Knee Brace

Knee injuries usually cause severe pain to the sufferers and people employ different methods to get rid of these injuries. Osteoarthritis is also an injury which causes painful inflammation to the joint of knee and the medial compartment of knee is the main place where this disease affects more. Doctors usually recommend medial unloader knee brace in order to control the pain cause by Osteoarthritis. The medial unloader is tricky to adjust and many people fail to adjust it in the right way. If you want to know how to adjust a medial unloader knee brace then keep reading.


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    First of all, you should get the most appropriate medial unloader knee brace. It is better to take advice from a doctor who will help you in choosing the right knee brace for you.

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    After getting a medial unloader knee brace, you should place it in a position that keeps your knee in the middle of the brace. The brace’s joint should be placed over the middle of your knee joint. This position will help in providing leverage to the joint and will assist in reducing knee pain.

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    You should position the straps of medial unloader knee brace in a careful manner. Make sure you do not make them excessively tight which will make the skin of your legs uncomfortable. Tight them just enough that does not create any sort of discomfort.

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    You need to tie the straps of Velcro pads behind your thigh and calf ensuring that your knee is in the middle of the medial unloader knee brace.

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    Velcro pads are usually cushioned pads that provide comfort to the muscles and also help in reducing the pain in the tissues of knee.

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    While adjusting a medial unloader knee brace, you should determine that how much movement you want after wrapping up the knee brace. Make sure you adjust the knee brace in a way that does not make you feel restricted or uncomfortable.

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    If you want more unloading, then you should unloosen the joint of your medial unloader knee brace. You need to lock on the knee brace’s joint in order to adjust the unloading dial easily.

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    In order to turn the dial, you should bend the knee in to a 90 degrees angle. The knee brace will provide more unloading if you set the dial high on your leg.

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