How To Adopt a Relative Child in China

Adopting a child in China can be a fantastic way to build a family. Nowadays, with an aim to provide better living to the deserving people, more and more people are considering adopting children. In some cases, people prefer adopting a local child while others opt for taking the responsibility of children from other countries.

There are multiple reasons why couples consider adopting a child. In some cases, females find it hard to go through the pregnancy procedure due to the level of pain involved in the process while some are forced to take this decision due to their infertility.

Whatever the reason may be, Chinese children are undoubtedly among the cutest kids in the world and if you are willing to adopt a relative child in China, stop wasting your time and go for it. No doubt that nurturing an adopted child can be very stressful and may require patience and a great deal of time but nothing is more charming than building your family.

You should not try to rush things in this regard and remember that the process of adopting a relative child can be very exhausting as it requires massive paperwork and only then you are allowed to take the child with you.


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    In order to claim the responsibility of a relative child in China, you would have to prove that you are the child’s relative.

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    Obtain the updated necessary information from the website of US Department of State as the China Centre for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) changes the information frequently.

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    The CCAA determines whether you are eligible for adopting the baby or not. You cannot adopt the baby just because you are a close relative, you would have to show your financial strength to prove that you have the necessary amount to give the child a bright future.

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    You should find a suitable agency that could help you in the process. There are plenty of agencies that specialise in such services. The agency will tell you about the required documents, make sure you attach all of them.

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    Attach all the documents to your form and hand them over to your agency, so they could forward it to CCAA.

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    You should confirm the receiving of your request from CCAA and wait till they process your application.

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    In general, it takes about two months until your application gets approved and the child comes into your custody.

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