How to Always Win Scramble with Friends

Scramble with Friends is a game playable on Apple and Android devices. The game pretty much puts a player’s presence of mind and vocabulary to test, though the latter is not as important as the former, to do well in the game. A player only gets two minutes to hurriedly search for a series of words in a grid of letters. Getting good at Scramble with Friends does not really require a great deal of practice and skills. As challenging as the game may initially appear to be, all it takes is a few simple tips and strategies to nearly win every single time.

Things Required:

– Apple or Android device
– Scramble with Friends


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    In order to be able to quickly find the words in the grid, divide the latter into smaller squares or quadrants mentally. After doing that, pick a corner as a starting point and move across it. Then move in the downward direction from that point. Do this for the entire grid while picking a different starting point each time. This systematic approach will make you familiar with the letters on the grid and consequently help you find works quickly.

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    Instead of searching for bigger words, try looking for smaller words comprising of just two or three letters. Use the smaller quadrants that you learned to form mentally in the previous step to your advantage while searching for such words. Do not hesitate to try out two-vowel or two-consonant words such as aa, ai, sh, hm, etc. as they really do exist and will help you a great deal in clearing the round.

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    Keep in mind that longer words can yield smaller words. Therefore, instead of settling for bigger words, try searching for smaller words in them. If, for instance, you come across a word comprising of five-to-six letters such as “basher”, analyze it even further to extract smaller words out of it. In case of the given example, you will be able to make “bash”, “ash”, “she”, “he” and her.

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    Use letters with greater corresponding point value to form words. Some of the letters have a really huge impact on the score as they can double or even triple the value of the letter itself or the entire word. You can also make a word twice, first without the special letter and then with it to get bonus points.

  • 5

    The power-ups are there to help you out, so do not be reluctant to sue them. The four power-ups, namely freeze, inspiration, scramble and vision help you out in different ways. Understand the effect of each power-up and use them when you see fit.

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