How to Apply Pressure to Points When Doing Shiatsu

Shiatsu is the Japanese word for ‘finger pressure’. Shiatsu techniques are known to simulate energy flow through energy channels of the body, thus promoting balance and health. Although the medical efficacy of Shiatsu has not been proven, even then numerous people use Shiatsu as a treatment for muscle pain, nausea, anxiety, and stress. Over the years, Shiatsu centres have sprung up in various parts of the world where professionals treat a number of people everyday. Here is how you can apply pressure to points when doing Shiatsu to effectively treat stress and anxiety.


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    Start by finding an acupressure point by sliding your finger your finger along a bone or muscle on a particular body part such as the arm. While searching for an acupressure point, keep in mind that these points are commonly found in a hollow or grooved portion of body part. Furthermore, these points may also be found in a depression point where muscle fibres attach to each other. For instance, if you are searching for an acupressure point along the lower arm, you would most likely find one at the point where there is a slight depression in the middle of the forearm just before the hand starts.

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    After you have found an acupressure point, make use of the pad to apply pressure starting at very light magnitude and gradually going up to deep. Avoid using the tip of your thumb, middle finger or index finger for this purpose.

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    To promote the flow of energy through the acupressure point, make sure you apply pressure very gradually. Also, release the pressure from the point in a similar fashion.

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    Apply an adequate amount of pressure while you are working on a tense point. If the pain gets excruciating, you are probably applying too much pressure. So ease off a little bit and try working with a lesser amount of pressure instead of trying to force things.

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    Massage the acupressure point in gentle but firm circular movements. Use the tip of your finger for this purpose. Furthermore, try to time the circular movement of your finger with which you are applying pressure on the acupressure point.

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    Finally, hold the point until you feel a muscle moving beneath your finger. The feeling would be similar to the softening of muscles on which you were applying pressure in the earlier steps.

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