How to Arrange Your Office for Personal Safety

The life and health of workers is the most important issue for an employer. It is important to take all measures to create a safe working environment.

The log of safety instructions at the workplace is also a very important and serious document which makes sure companies provide safe working conditions to their employees according to state laws.

Keeping a log of labour protection is necessary in order to ensure safety and prevent occupational injuries. According to labour laws, each employer must not only ensure the safety of the workplace but also provide necessary information and appropriate instructions.


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    Briefings on health and safety in the work place should be provided by the most senior person (master mechanic, foreman, etc.) in the shop area, laboratories, etc. according to international labour law. Primary briefings should be held first to allow independent work.

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    Briefings aim at the prevention of accidents and injuries in the workplace. Primary instructions are carried out for newly hired employees. It is recommended to do this every six months for all workers and every three months for those dealing with hazardous material. In the case where employees have to perform a new type of industrial work, he/she should get targeted instructions. If there was an emergency at the plant, or there have been changes in the safety, conduct an unscheduled briefing.

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    It is required to organise an official meeting for all employees of a particular company in which they should be given the basic requirements of health and safety in the workplace. In order to check whether the employees have learned anything after the meeting, arrange an oral test containing questions about the minutes of the meeting.

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    Weekly updating of instructions is highly recommended and it is the prime responsibility of the head of the department to make sure he/she makes alteration to the overall safety plan after visiting the site on a regular basis.

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    Typically, after the briefing, the employee is assigned to a skilled worker for an internship. The purpose is to tell the internee about safe work skills. If the work is not associated with increased security requirements, internships cannot be assigned.

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    A review should be carried out, usually once in four months in order to consolidate their knowledge of occupational health and safety. It is implemented according to the approved instructions for the profession.

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