How to Ask For a Volunteer Work Letter

If you have worked as a volunteer with some organisation then the time you spent there can pay off if you are awarded with a well drafted work experience letter. Most of the organisations do not give any financial benefits to their volunteers but having a work letter can really help you while seeking a proper job.

The main objective of this letter is to provide the other party a summary of your experience and performance. The letter writer will provide complete details of your working hours, area of expertise and notable accomplishments.

However, you will have to ask the letter writer in a proper way as any negligence can lead you to further trouble. There are many ways to request a volunteer work letter but you should stick with the easiest and most effective method.


  • 1

    Find a person who is authorised to issue a volunteer work letter. Mostly, the HR managers provide such documents but you can also request your supervisor to write an effective letter. Make sure that the person has seen your work and understands the significance of this letter.

  • 2

    Instead of calling or sending mail, request your volunteer work letter in person as it will give you the opportunity to influence the mind of the relevant authority. You should explain the purpose of this letter and request them to formulate the letter according to the requirements. Ask them to write something nice about your contribution and brief the other party about your beneficial services.

  • 3

    Give the authorised officer the complete information of the letter’s receiver. Give full name and designation of the third party. If you do not know the addressee then request to use “To whom it may concern”.

  • 4

    Ask the representative to mention the name of the organisation you have worked with. Request them to add complete information about your tenure, job responsibilities, performance and other important details in the body of the letter.

  • 5

    Request the letter writer to recommend you for that new responsibility. To make your case strong, the representative will give examples from the time period you spent with them. Ask them to use persuasive sentences and declare you eligible for that position.

  • 6

    Guide them in writing the ending paragraph of your volunteer work letter as this will be your last attempt to convince the addressee of the letter. Ask the writer to summarise your services in a few sentences and include a recommendation statement again.

  • 7

    Provide your facilitator an addressed, stamped envelope along with the deadline for dispatching of this letter.

  • 8

    Be civilised and send a thank you letter for his/her time.

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