How to Attach Deer Horns to a Plaque

If you are new to hunting, you probably want to have plaques hung on your walls, proudly displaying your hunting trophies. Deer antlers make beautiful showpieces and you can easily buy deer antler mounts from a crafts store. However, if you want to personalize your collection, you can make your own plaque as well.

Things Required:

– Antlers
– Luan Plywood
– Bolt
– 2 Nuts
– Gorilla Glue
– Crayola Model Magic Clay (Air Dry)
– Cloth 1/2 Yard (your choice of color)
– A Plaque
– Wood Stain
– Ban saw
– A sander
– A staple gun
– A drill


  • 1

    Get the deer antlers

    If you are a shooter yourself, the best way to get deer antlers is to shoot a male deer. If you are getting antlers from a friend or a store, make sure you pick an appropriate size, according to your interior.

  • 2

    Create the plate for mounting

    A piece of wood will be required to attach the horns to the plaque. Take a piece of Luan plywood, large enough to provide a base for your antlers, and draw a teardrop shape on it with the help of pencil. Cut out the shape and smooth out its edges using a belt sander.

  • 3

    Attach the antlers to the mounting plate

    Place the antlers over the mounting plate and drillĀ  holes in the centre of the skull, through the Luan board. The hole should be big enough for the bolt to fit through. Now slide the bolt through the hole in the skull and fasten it with the help of gorilla glue before passing it through the mounting plate.

  • 4

    Shape the head of the mount

    Shape the head of the mount using crayola clay, and let it harden before you continue. Crayola clay needs 24 to 48 hours to harden completely.

    Once the clay is dry and hard, cover it with a fabric, just like you upholster a piece of furniture, and staple the fabric at the back of the mounting plate. Make sure the front of the head is pulled tight and smoothed out. Trim any excess fabric using a pair of scissors.

  • 5

    Attach the antlers/ mounting plate to the plaque

    Slide the bolt attaching the antlers and mounting plate through the hole in the plaque and fix it in place. Your deer mount is ready, go and hang it up on a wall in your drawing room or the car porch.

  • 6

    Prepare the plaque

    Take a round plaque and drill a hole in it, equal to the size of the bolt you had used to attach the antlers and mounting plate. To give your deer mount a nice, finished look, stain the plaque. Apply the stain to the wood with the help of a paint brush and set it aside to let it dry completely.

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