How to Attract Deer to a New Feeder

Using a deer feeder is nothing new in the hunting world. Hunters have gone on to use deer feeders to go on and attract deer in order to make sure that the deer which they hunt, are well fed and healthy enough to put up a good fight.

A good supply of nutritional food makes sure that the deer develop properly and have all the supplements which they need.

However, attracting deer to a new feeder is no easy thing to do. In fact it is rather challenging to being with.  Deer don’t opt to get to try new feeders very easily, which is why you need to do everything that is needed, to attract them to the new feeder and to get them to use it.

There are a few methods that hunters try, but in order to try and attract deer to a new feeder, you need to do all that you can.


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    Start of by getting any fruit, then go ahead and cut it into four parts. An apple is the most ideal for this part. Now rub the apple on the deer and drop it on the floor near the feeder.

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    Now the next thing for you to do is to walk around near the feeder and take the pieces of apple and rub them on the trees barks. Make sure that you rub the apple on the tree some six feet up, so that when the wind hits the tree the scent of the apple will get carried far and wide for all the deer in the land to smell it. After you rub them on the bark, then drop the apple parts on the floor and crush them, to get more scent out of them.

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    Now spend some time studying the area where you have planted all of these apples and the new feeder. Within a matter of two weeks, if you keep repeating these steps, you should have deer appearing to the feeder, looking to get their hands on some of the food that you have left for them out in the wild.

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    However, if that isn’t the case, then you need to either change locations because the current one is dead, or try and use different fruits. Dipping the fruit in peanut butter is another great way of speeding things up, since it attracts the deer even better.

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