How to Avoid Being Late for Work

If you see yourself rushing your way to the office every day then you have definitely got something to ponder upon. You need to understand that one of the major turnoffs for the bosses is lack of punctuality. You might even put your job at stake if you repetitively get late for the office.

There are offices and work places that do not offer flexible work timings and you need to tune yourself according to the timings assigned. There might be many of reasons to be late for office and sometimes your alibis might be acceptable, but to be late continuously is not only problematic for your boss, but should also be a source of worry for you.


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    Do not leave things for the last minute. Make sure you prepare your things the night before to avoid any sort of a hassle in the morning. Get your clothes ironed, your lunch ready, and your carry bag prepared with all its required items. If you bring in the habit of preparing the night before into your routine, you will be at peace and this way you will also be more efficient in your work.

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    Setting the clock 15 minutes earlier than normal time can do wonders for you. Those of you who snooze for a while must carry out this practice. You can set your alarm for 6:45 a.m. if you usual wake up time is 7 a.m. You will start seeing gradual difference in your routine. Not only will you sleep a little better, but will also reach the office in time.

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    Our mind has a tuned in clock in it. We can adjust it according to our own will. The initial stages of waking up early are tougher but gradually the body gets used to it.

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    It is always good to reach the office earlier than to be late. If your workplace is at a 15 minutes drive from your residence then allow yourself a 30 minutes cushion. This will give you an extra breathing space.

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