How to Avoid Blushing at Inappropriate Times

Blushing, during a conversation with an individual or while facing a group of people, is a normal thing but it is difficult to control once it begins. It really can damage your image as people won’t give you second chance to make improvements.

However, if you are unable to overcome blushing then it does not mean that you should quit. You should take it as a challenge and show the world the best you have in yourself. Remember it is not easy to get rid of this habit but you can make any situation favourable by keeping a couple of simple techniques in mind.


  • 1

    Do not hesitate in accepting:

    If your opponent catches your expression, do not try to hide rather accept it honestly. However, it does not mean that you will allow others to dominate you. You should divert their attention immediately by saying something really interesting. Changing topics of discussion rapidly can not only help you to avoid blushing but it also keeps others engaged.

  • 2

    Stay cool:

    The first thing you should do is to stay cool, calm and collected as tension aggravates the blushing. Taking deep breaths can really help you to overcome this problem. Stand in front of mirror and try to blush then learn how to relax your nerves in such situation. This practice will be really beneficial in getting a grip in real life.

  • 3

    Be confident:

    You should not be feeling embarrassed as blushing happens almost to everyone. Do not be too hard on yourself and try to improvise the situation. Embrace and appreciate yourself as it will really boost your confidence.

  • 4

    Divert your attention:

    It is all about controlling your thoughts so the very second you feel yourself begin to blush immediately divert your attention. Think of something really pleasant which gave you a sense of achievement. However, do not break the flow of conversation. Do not let the people know that mentally you are not there.

  • 5

    Keep your face hydrated:

    Wash your face again and again as it keeps your face fresh and lightens it up. You may apply moisturisers to avoid dryness.

  • 6

    Make this exercise a game:

    You should not take it as treatment rather make this exercise a game for you. This mental approach will help you to avoid becoming a cherry tomato in front of others.

  • 7

    Visualise this situation:

    Imagine yourself blushing in front of a crowd and try to discover different techniques to handle the situation. This exercise will help you to make things better in real life as well.

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