How to Avoid Cravings While Dieting

With obesity on the rise, everyone these days seems to be making an effort to stay fit and healthy. The task, however, has become hard with all the junk food that is available and the variety in which it is there.

Resisting your favourite bag of potato chips may be hard enough when you come across that double-decker burger. With a tummy growling from your dieting ways, you can no longer resist and within no time, you are munching on that delicious burger. It’s a scenario we all have come across at some point in time.

Dieting is not easy and controlling cravings while dieting is even harder. This is not an impossible task but will take a fair amount of effort and commitment.


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    If you wish to follow a certain diet, you must commit wholeheartedly. Be ready that you will have all the options in the world that you can eat but you have to follow the specific diet and you will not side track.

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    Drink Water

    Drink loads of water as many times the craving is actually not caused by the need to eat but dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration are similar to hunger. So if you are craving for something that will affect your diet and you are feeling hungry, there are chances that you may actually be thirsty. Drink a glass of water and give it a few minutes, you should do well in most cases and the craving will just go away.

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    Sleep Well

    Recent research has shown that not sleeping well causes the body to release enzymes that give rise to cravings, which often result in consumption of fatty foods. By sleeping well, you will have fewer chances of having such cravings. Sleeping on time will also help your health and the earlier you sleep, the fewer the chance of you eating something you should not.

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    Reward Yourself

    Keep small milestones and once you achieve it, reward yourself with a bit of indulgence. Say that you have lost a certain amount of weight and to feel good, you may take a bit of your favourite chocolate that you have been avoiding during the process. Make sure that you do not over eat it or starting eating it on a normal basis. A small reward does help you in going on and strong.

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