How to Avoid Dehydration when Drinking Alcohol

Water balance must be maintained at a constant level for a healthy body. Dehydration occurs when a person does not have enough water and electrolytes. It can cause vomiting, heat stroke, fever, diarrhoea, intake of diuretics, diabetes, etc.

The intoxicating properties of alcohol have been known for thousands of years before Christ. Originally it was used in many rituals, then it became traditional satellite various festivities and there is little arguing to the statement that Alcohol has now become a status symbol in many societies.

There is still no clear answer to the question: why do people drink alcohol. Different groups and sectors of society respond to this question different and almost everyone who drink alcohol has an explanation.

Traditionally, the most useful alcoholic drink is a dry red wine. It may help in prevention of cardiovascular diseases, increase appetite and improve the blood flow in the body which is useful. For example, beer is considered as a powerful antioxidant, and brandy – a great way to relieve stress. However, in pursuit of the benefits many people forget about the potential dangers.

Regular consumption of alcohol, even in small amounts is addictive. Over time, it ceases to have the desired effect, with the result that many are beginning to exceed the recommended dosage. This habit can lead to dehydration.


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    In moderate dehydration, a person must drink water to remove the deficiency of water in the body. If you cannot afford to have an air conditioned room, try to remain in shadow for a while or at least when you are sleeping. Spray the body with cool water in order to get a good feeling.

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    Prepare a solution of one litre of water and put a teaspoon of sugar in it. Take about three-quarters of a teaspoon of salt and half a cup of orange juice and dilute the mixture. It is important to make up for the loss of not only water, but also salts, potassium and sodium respectively. Sugar is necessary to improve the absorption of water and salt.

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    Sports drinks can be bought from any pharmacy to restore the balance of salt and water. Frozen juice or water with ice will cool the body as well. Drink up to two litres of water daily and try to avoid tea, coffee and carbonated drinks.

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