How to Avoid Reading Monologues in Auditions

A number of acting auditions need you to read a monologue, which can be read from your memory or from the script of play, drama, musical or movie. One of the most effective way to do a monologue for an audition is to go through the script without actually memorizing it. This will aid you in giving a more natural performance rather than just reading the monologue word for word. The latter can be an issue for some people, because while doing so you can only demonstrate the vocal command. It can also be an issue for people who struggle to read.  If you are one of those people, there are several other ways you can try to avoid reading monologues in auditions with good effect.


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    Seek information from the director about the job in hand

    Exchange information or ideas with the casting director or directors on what you have to do precisely. First of all, ask him what you are supposed to do at the auditions. In most auditions, no preparation is needed and usually actors are asked to read from a script or take part in improvisational situations. On the other hand, if the director tells you that you should be ready to read a monologue, then you cannot avoid this scenario. Try to be confident in the audition and you will most certainly do well.

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    Your Behaviour Should be Good

    Talk to the man in charge  and explain to him that you are not comfortable reading a monologue. Moreover, if you don’t want to read a monologue under any circumstance, ask the casting guy whether is it possible for you to prepare a small scene along with another actor. Tell the director that you wish to display your potential in the best possible way, and that would be best shown in a short scene. If he thinks you are making sense he will allow you to perform a scene, and that way you will avoid the monologue reading.

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    Prepare for the worst case scenario

    Do not force your agenda and be ready if the director disregards your plea. As a professional actor, you require the acting job a lot more than the casting director needs you. He can easily find other actors who are desperate to work and also willing to read a monologue for auditions. If reading a monologue is a must for the audition and you cannot get out of it, then you have to read it to show your talent.

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