How to Avoid Sleep Deprivation

If you are not getting enough sleep then it can result in serious problems for you both mentally and physically. It does not matter what is the cause for the lack of sleep, and you will need to do something to counter the exhaustion in order to be fresh, productive and staying alert during the whole day. Sleep is a very important part of life and no one can survive without getting proper sleep. Doctors recommend that a person should sleep six to seven hours at least. Try not to over exert yourself and then cutting your sleep time to wake up early next morning.


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    Sleep whenever you get time

    One way to avoid sleep deprivation is try to sleep when you can. A number of experts ask people to not nap during the day as it can disturb your night time sleep routine. On the other hand, you can reduce the effects of sleep troubles by actually sleeping with good effect. If sleeping for a bit during the day helps you make more alert and sharp, make sure you include it in your daily routine. However, do not take a long nap so that you can also sleep on time at night.

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    Caffeine intake

    Caffeine is very good and effective to stay less sluggish. It can work miracles for you if you feel tired due to lack of sleep. However, you have to make sure you do not depend on it too much as it can have negative effects in that case. This is very addictive and can lose its effect if you use it in excess. As a result of this, use caffeine carefully. A normal cup of coffee can help you become more active, but taking caffeine pills will cause you problems rather than making you stay sharp.

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    Exercise on a regular basis

    Physical activity is very important and you should do that every day. It is wise to include it in your daily routine. If you get tired and dizzy you can feel better by performing a little cardio exercise or some other exercise. However, you need to be aware of the fact that the energy you get from exercise will not last that long, and you can get more tired than you were before. Indulge in physical activity with good effect and do not over exert yourself as you are already exhausted by exercising a lot.

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