How to Be a Blessing to Others

There are so many different types of people in the world, with numerous religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds. A huge percentage of people are the ones who cause trouble for the rest of mankind and become a burden on society. Such people are cursed by one and all and are never remembered with good words during their lifetime or even after their death. However, there is no dearth of men and women who dedicate their lives for the well-being of others. A person should be such that others enjoy their company in their presence and miss them badly in their absence. To become a blessing for others, create comfort and ease for those around you.


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    Become selfless

    If you are a selfish person, you may not harm the people around you directly but you will never be able to become a blessing for others. Therefore, you must get rid of the human instinct of selfishness that is present in every person. Your priority should be others and you should always be thinking about ideas which can help people in your surroundings.

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    Do not consider any deed to be small or low

    If you really wish to be regarded as a blessing for others, you must not consider any act to be small or low. Even if you have to clean a road or to pick garbage in front of someone else's house, you are doing a great service to society and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

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    Religion & Spirituality

    No matter what religion you belong to, you must look to enhance your connection with God. Every religion teaches its followers to be good towards others. If you truly believe in God, you must make efforts to please others. The two major religions of the world by numbers, Christianity and Islam, put a lot of emphasis on ‘human rights’, with the Bible and Quran elaborating the rights and the duties of a human.

    Follow your religion with a spiritual angle as it will go a long way in helping you become a blessing for others. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of spirituality is selflessness.

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    Never be harsh towards others

    Even if you cannot go a long way in helping others, you should make a deliberate effort to behave well with everyone, irrespective of the differences of religion, gender, race, caste or creed.

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