How to Be a Good Guitarist on Stage

Learning how to play the guitar is easy. You just need a few lessons and you are good to go. However, what really matters is your performance on the stage. With so many people having their eyes set on you, even a single foolish mistake could cost you the whole performance. Moreover, most of the people standing in the crowd are well aware of the music being played. A mistake in your playing would label you a poor guitarist and you certainly don’t want that. In order to avoid that, make sure that you do not mess things up while you are playing the guitar on stage.


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    First things first: be confident. It is extremely important. Confidence is the key to success. It helps you get rid of all the problems. Make sure that you talk to yourself before going up on the stage. This will help you restore all the confidence within you. Moreover, this will also aid you in getting rid of stage fright, which gets to most of the people who do not like to be on stage.

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    Make sure that you have set your equipment properly. The cords that you will use to plug in the guitar should not give any feedback. A feedback would ruin the whole performance. Imagine yourself being in the crowd- would you like an annoying sound coming from the speakers throughout the time a guitarist is playing something? Therefore, make sure that you take your best cords and plug them in on the stage. In addition, test them before the performance begins.

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    Stage dives, head banging - these are all secondary options. First concentrate on your sound and then start dancing around the stage accordingly. If you are moving more than you can actually play, people will not like it. People love a good sound because they are there to listen to good music. Therefore, make sure that your playing isn’t being affected by the amount of movement you have on stage. At times you move so much that either you unplug your cord, or you end up forgetting where the processor is. Try not to make a mess of the performance and stay within limits.

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    Lastly, make sure that your guitar is tuned. An un-tuned guitar on stage sounds like an alarm clock during your sleep. You don’t want the people to put their fingers in their ears and run for safety. Therefore, just tune your guitar before the performance - it will not take much of your time.

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