How to Be an Effective Youth Pastor

A youth pastor is a young adult who is either in bible college or getting training to enter the ministry under the supervision of a local pastor. In order to become an effective youth pastor, you must possess the skills to motivate and encourage the young visitors of the church, helping the students in the process of self actualisation. Therefore, leadership skills are a must if you wish to become a youth pastor as you would need to build a strong team and work in co-ordination with each other.

To help the other youngsters, coming up with fresh ideas and curriculum, a youth pastor requires a wide range of resources. The basic job of a youth pastor is to bring about a positive change in the lives of the young members of the church.


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    Lead by example

    If you are looking to become an effective youth pastor, you must lead by example. If you are not good at dealing with others and there are question marks about your credibility, most of the youngsters will not give importance to your speeches or words. Therefore, it is important not to have any contradictions in what you say and how you act. Other than that, you must work hard for the betterment of the church and the members. Always be polite and gentle while speaking to others, avoiding any inappropriate behavior.

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    Bible study

    You should be an expert of Bible and Christian beliefs. While you are delivering a speech, you must be able to quote from the Bible or the sayings of Jesus Christ (PBUH). Make sure that your mind is always ready to learn new things and your personality and knowledge should improve every single day.

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    Never be harsh towards other religions

    You will be often judged by your behaviour with people of other faiths. Having any kind of a prejudice will not take you anywhere as a youth pastor. Being a leader of the youth, you should also persuade the youngsters to be friendly and gentle with people of other religions in your community.

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    Build a strong team

    You need to remember that handling the youth of the church efficiently would not be possible for you alone. Therefore, you have to develop a nice team, which needs to be selected on merit and can work together to educate the youngsters.

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