How To Be Charitable During a Recession

One cannot underestimate the need of charity, but when it comes to do charity in during a recession, it becomes a little harder. Nevertheless, becoming harder does not mean impossible, with a little bit of determination and enthusiasm, one can always think of suitable ways to do charity. Keeping in mind that most of the businesses fail during the days of financial crunch and especially non-profit organisations are unable to make reasonable money. Thus, an individual should realise his responsibility and opt ways of performing his part in the charity.


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    Prefer buying from the websites that pay a part of purchase in charity

    Obviously, in the time of recession, individuals almost live hand to mouth and it is hard for them to spare some extra money. Therefore, if you and your friends are facing any of such difficulties, then you should buy from the websites that contribute a part of the purchased amount to the charity of your preference. It is not hard to find such websites in facts, some super stores also perform similar activities and with a little effort, you can find plenty of these.

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    Donate extra reward points.

    You must not underestimate the need of donating your extra reward points that you have gained due to the excess travelling. If you are a frequent traveller, then you will have ample of these reward points. One does not only gain the reward points due to frequent travelling, but staying in airline points and hotels also allow an individual to earn these points. Nowadays, most of the airlines allow an individual to donate their reward points which are then used by military personnel, sick children and other people who seek medical attention.

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    Gather and donate your last season’s clothes

    One of the easiest and reasonable forms of charity is to gather all of your last year’s clothes in one place and donate them to someone needy. For this, you cannot only donate your own clothes but those of your kids, husband or other family members. Remember that by donating your clothes to the needy ones, you are making a big contribution.

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    Take help from the family

    Do not forget to take help from your family. You can ask all of your uncles, aunts’ cousins or even grandparents to pool as much as they want and then donate the whole amount to a charitable institute of your choice.

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