How To Be Chivalrous

In our society today, it is important young men growing up know what it takes to treat a lady right. It has become need for young people to know how to treat a lady, be it in relationships, friendships and plain meeting a woman for the first time. It is important to know how to act. Most men would say women have their language because even the subtle issues that they didn’t know they did is offensive to a woman. This is where this article comes in, here are these few guided principles on how to treat a lady, be it in a relationship, or any form of relationship. Here we go;


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    Treat them as equals

    Do not see women as incapable of some activities just because they are women. The rise of feminists are a testament to this because the traditional opinion has been to mark women unfit for certain responsibilities. Men that understand this see women other humans capable of infinite things just like their male counterparts.

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    Be attentive

    Women love to be center of attention especially to them, be it in a relationship, marriage, to your mother, sister or friend. It is not known why this is so, as so many factors play a role for this issue, but it all falls to the fact that if they start feeling neglected they will alert you, be it in a positive or negative fashion. To pass this area one has to make them feel pampered every once in a while to show that you have them in mind. Not necessarily smother, but give due attention, be it in helping in chores, health wise etc.

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    The saying men are from Mars and women are from Venus are not far from each other in this situation and thus their communication is wired differently. For example; a man hears from a woman “I’m fine” and take it literally that she is, whilst all what the woman wants is for the man, son, husband, brother to hold her and say” : “I’m here” and any other needs needed. A man would read this and say: “why can’t they just say what they want and what a woman would say: “why can’t they be sensitive”. It is a vice versa situation and to bring a balance both parties ought to communicate clearly and constantly. It should be an agreement from that start to always says what’s bothering them, this will encourage the lady to talk more and cause the man to be more sensitive to a woman’s needs.

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    It is one of the issues that is taken for granted, because of the situation called familiarity. Familiarity can cause a man to talk to a woman anyhow and might unintentionally say something that will offend her and wouldn’t know it. It is important to know her boundaries and act with her accordingly. Also another factor to note is for the man to not disrespect her family because she spoke ill of them at a point in time, she is allowed to do so, and you are not. Simply be there for her and help her get better if she’s in a phase with her family. If she needs your input, she will ask for it, this is important especially if you both are not married.

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    Don’t take her for granted

    It is another issue to note, underestimating a woman in any way is not the ideal way for any man that is aiming to know how to treat a lady should act. She wants to prove herself? Allow her. Give her opportunities to do what she wants to do especially if these are areas that concern you. Don’t flirt or do anything that will anger her as this would imply that you don’t value her or her worth because you might think she is alright with it, that is a dangerous assumption and should be avoided. Respect her and her words, what she says she will do, she will do.

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    Don’t try to control her

    In knowing how to treat a lady, it is important you are allow her be her, try to exercise your “man authority” is not a wise move. Because of the respect you give her, she will willingly bow. However if you try to force and control very aspect of her life she will rebel and cause you harm.

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    Be appreciative

    Women love to be noticed and also being appreciated for the little things they do, be it buying a gift, cleaning the house, doing a new hair etc. As the man, none of the things you’ve seen her do should go unnoticed, give a compliment or thank her in words or any other formats for something she did for you.

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    A hand to caress

    As a gentleman on the journey on how to treat a lady, your hands are only to caress and for beating. Gentlemen don’t hit women in a way or form. The woman in your hand is a bird, or kitten or butterfly, meant to be protected from harm’s way in any way that hand should not be used to do the opposite.

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    Don’t put her down in public

    A woman’s honor lies in the fact that as long as she’s with her partner she’s alright and free. In a situation where you are all in public with friends and family and she says something that was out of line, don’t correct her there as that would be humiliating and bring her shame or make her feel unworthy, instead laugh it off with her and when you get home correct her, she will respect you more for it and you will earn her love more.

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    Show emotions

    It is difficult for a man to show emotions except in rare occasions and to most women this is frustrating, especially when they want a connection with their significant other. They ought to understand that women are emotional beings and at times they would want them to be attentive and emotions are the only ways to reflect that, which should cause them to respond.

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    No woman wants to be with a woman that lies a lot. They need to trust their partner with their life and one hidden truth can ruin everything. It is important for the men to be open and truthful at all times. Most men say women can’t handle the truth, it is better to say it before she suspects and pushes it out from you or worst find out from other sources. Be open and truthful, it shows you value her and respect her enough to let her know where you stand always.

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    It is not a difficult thing to learn and incorporate into your lifestyle. As treating a woman be it a stranger or friend the right way can win you a chair in  high places. Be it for a little girl or  an old woman. A good habit can go a long way in the future. Who knows? All the best.

    Thanks for reading.

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