How to be Like a Saint

Fed up of this materialistic world, some people quit their worldly desires and become saints, spending the whole of their life in spirituality and the love of God. Saints have existed in this world since the Stone Age and are considered to have a exceptional degree of sanctity, virtue and holiness.

They spend all their time in pursuit of spiritual happiness and in search of getting close to God. One of the greatest qualities of saints is that they propagate humanity and do not discriminate between people due to their caste, creed or religion. Saints do not belong to any particular religion and they can be Christians, Muslims and Jews etc. If you wish to become a saint, you have to follow a certain path and give up on a number of desires.


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    Live a devoted life

    If you want to become a saint then you must get rid of your worldly desires. Selfishness is the complete opposite of a saint, so you cannot be self-centered and have to start living your life for others. You can even devote your time to a Mosque or a Church and serve people or offer your services in any hospital or a charity organization in order to find the love of God.

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    Have faith

    A true saint is always at the peak of faith and understands that nothing can happen in this world without the wish of God. Start considering that you and every single particle of this universe is God’s property and the ultimate goal of every individual or a group should be to please the creator. A saint makes an intentional effort to find God’s existence inside his or her soul.

    Some saints believe that the creator and the creature are not two different things; whereas, others out-rightly reject this theory.

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    Pray and fulfill obligations

    Some people, who leave the worldly life to become a saint, tend to stop praying as they believe that spirituality in itself is enough to please the creator. However, that is not true. If you want to become a true saint, you must ensure that you pray regularly and do not withdraw from your worldly duties either. Everyone has some worldly obligations, like looking after family and dependents, which should not be ignored.

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