How to Be More Approachable

For an active social life, giving people the impression that you are humble and approachable is pivotal. That can only happen when you sport a likeable outlook, and always try to be reasonable. This can of course lead to unwanted people trying to interact with you, but a person cannot have everything.


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    Approach others

    The best way to be approachable is to approach others. There might be plenty of reasons why a person of interest might not be encouraged to interact with you. While it is important to take notice of those reasons, it doesn’t harm to break the ice yourself.

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    Give a pleasant look

    Always have a smile on your face. It not only indicates that you are in a good mood, but also gives confidence to the person who wants to approach you that the response will be pleasant. In addition to having a pleasant look on the face, ensure that you are dressed properly. Your clothes should be well pressed, hair combed properly, shoes clean, and the shirt should be tucked in nicely into the trousers. Be sure, to wear some sort of deodorant and perfume.  This will add a lot of confidence to your personality.

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    Body Language

    Body language plays a huge part in defining your personality, and consequently your chances of being more social. Avoid staring down people, wincing without purpose, making strange faces and crossing your arms. All this can result in making any one near you nervous.

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    Develop a good reputation

    Reputation counts a lot when it comes to socializing. You should be a person who helps out everybody in need and responds to people in a friendly manner. Never bypass an opportunity to assist people in things you know or can do easily. Avoid getting into arguments with people, and never commit the mistakes of passing racist or sexist remarks. Another important thing is to avoid the habit of lying. Once you make a commitment or promise, always fulfill it. Avoid criticizing people in their personal matters, or the ones not related to you.

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    Be witty

    It is only natural for people to enjoy the company of witty people. Don’t hesitate in passing funny compliments and harmless remarks to people around. Make the environment around you light and funny, and the people will automatically get attracted towards you. You should however be careful that at no time, the line between joke and personal attack should be crossed.

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