How to Be Safe in a Photographic Darkroom

A photographic darkroom is used to develop pictures from a film. Here, no ordinary light is allowed to enter the room because if it does, the whole work will be spoiled and nothing will be left to develop. In order to keep your work safe, photographers built the darkroom in such a protective way that no harm can come to their work. The whole process of developing pictures is carried out in the photographic darkroom, thus you must stay safe and secure and try not to spoil your or your colleagues’ work.


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    Know the room well

    In order to keep everything safe and secure in the photographic darkroom, it is of utmost importance that you must know the room very well. For this, you must be aware of everything that is kept in the photographic darkroom. If you are going in there for the first time, it is strongly advised that you do not go alone and take someone with you who has been there a couple of times. Entering the photographic darkroom for the first time can be difficult and since you are not aware of the room arrangement, you should never enter the room on your own.

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    Do not try to rush things

    If you are new to the photographic darkroom, then you must try to stay calm and move as carefully as possible. You should never try to rush things in the darkroom and walk vigilantly. It is highly recommended that you should never try to pace up in the darkroom and perform the tasks in a normal manner. Even if you are experienced and have been too many times to the darkroom, there is still a high possibility that you will end up screwing things if you try to rush yourself.

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    Use red light if required

    Keeping in mind that no light is allowed to enter in the darkroom except the red light, thus you should only use it when required. If you want to find anything or locate a way in the photographic darkroom, you must use red light for this purpose. Remember that this will not only keep your stuff secure but it will also prove helpful if you needed to find anything. Therefore, you must ensure that the red light equipment is installed properly so you could use it whenever you need.

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