How to Be Safe when You’re Home Alone

Oops, your parents have gone out again and left you home alone? Take it easy, as it is a step of huge responsibility when your family leaves you home alone. It simply means that you are growing up and responsible enough to take the responsibility for your own care. It is your golden chance to earn their trust and take extra precautions to keep yourself safe when you’re Home Alone. Even though you live in a secure neighborhood, you really have to take care of many things to spend a safe day at home.


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    Always keep the door locked

    The very first thing you have to do is, keep the main gate and the entrance door of your home locked and do not open it for anyone except the known ones to you or the ones who are trustworthy. Once someone knocks or rings the doorbell of your house, ask them in loud, arrogant and clear voice that “Who is this?” If you find him or her among the known ones, then it's fine. Otherwise, ask them to leave politely and simply call the police helpline if someone unknown keeps on irritating you. Beside the doors, make sure to keep the windows locked as well.

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    Stay inside the house

    It is better to stay inside your home, even if you live among very caring neighbors. Until you are inside your home, you are safe from any kind of mishap.

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    Check your security system and phone

    If your home has a security system, then make sure that it is functioning properly. Moreover, check your landline phone connection as well. If you have a mobile phone, then simply check its credit that does it enough to make outgoing calls or not.

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    Do not entertain unknown calls

    Do not entertain any unknown calls in the absence of your family members. However, it doesn’t mean you do not have to attend the calls as the person at the other end can be your family member and can get worried if you do not attend the call. Attend the call but let the other person speaks first so that you can recognize his/her voice. If your landline phone has a Caller Line Identification (CLI) facility, then check out the number of the caller in advance and do not pick it if it is unknown to you.

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    Do not touch anything your family tells you not to

    Try your best not to touch anything that your family tells you not to, as it can be hazardous for you. Things like the medicine cabinet, sharp knives, poisons or chemicals, and matches are not safe at all, so it is better to avoid them as much as you can.

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    Eat something light

    If it is a matter of one day that your family is not home, then you can eat something that simply does not require any cooking or frying on the stove. If you do not have a cooking experience, grab the leftovers from your refrigerator and place them in the microwave of your kitchen to heat up. Otherwise, eat some fruits etc.

  • 7

    Turn on all exterior lights in the evening

    When it gets dark outside and you are all alone at home, make sure to turn on all the exterior light of your house. It helps in keeping an eye on the activities going around and to pretend that the family members are available. Properly illuminated house at night makes the thieves or criminals think twice before getting into your house or doing something illegal around your area. Also close curtains and blinds of the windows of your home.

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    Do not let others know that you are alone at home

    Do not make the mistakes to let others know that you are alone at home. In today’s world where it is hard to trust your close ones, you cannot trust anyone like your colleagues, friends or neighbors. Therefore, make sure not to tell anyone that you are alone at home. Anyone can take advantage of the absence of your family members.

  • 9

    Get a detection dog and keep it indoors with you

    Detection dogs, also known as sniffer dogs, are uniquely trained to and work at using their senses in order to detect something fishy. If you luckily have a sniffer dog at home, it will be a great help in being safe at home even if you are alone. Keep the dog indoor with you, and set it free within your house.

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