How To Beat the Morning Sales Rush

Sales are so much fun. They drive us to stores to buy things at discounted rates, sometimes even when we do not need them. They are our friends that help us save or spend some more depending on how you see them.

Whenever there is a sale, there is going to be a morning rush to them. Generally sales are put on the weekends so that people can come in and buy the most on Saturday and Sunday. If you want to get the goodies and want to beat the morning rush, you have to do it the right way.


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    Be the Early Bird

    As the cliché goes that early bird caches the worm, as an early shopper, you will have the best chance of getting things with little or no rush at the store. This will allow you to shop with some peace of mind and without people bumping into you every ten seconds. Get their as soon as the store opens. Most sales will have the rush a little after the store opens up unless it’s Black Friday.

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    Know What You Want

    Once the sales flyers are with you, make a list that what you actually need. Instead of going through the store and thinking and pondering on location, make a list in advance for this purpose. You can mark it on the flyer as well and this will provide you with a visual aid once you are in the store. Make sure that you know your priority items especially if the sale is placed on limited number of items with no rain checks. Once you get a hold of the most important stuff, you can move on to the less important ones. Efficiency and effectiveness must be maintained in all matters including shopping.

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    Split Duties

    If you are going to the sale to pick up all kinds of supplies, you will take quite a bit of time. Even if you are at the store at the opening and it is a Saturday, many people will show up by the time you are done shopping despite them being late. Make sure that you designate areas to each person and let them get the supplies from that area. You will be done in half the time and by the time people get their breakfast and get to the store, you probably will be going back home.

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