How to Become a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Becoming a lawyer is not the easiest of the tasks. It requires strong will power and a lot of hard work. It has one of the longest academic programs after medical education. But the rewards of becoming a lawyer are great and it considered as one of the most successful career choice all around the world.

Bankruptcy refers to the legal status of an organization or an individual who cannot repay the debts it owes to its creditors. There have been a growing number of bankruptcy filings in the past few years, and there have been some recent changes to the bankruptcy law as well, so becoming a bankruptcy lawyer is a very decent career pick these days. This growing flow of bankruptcy filings is not going to end any time soon and bankruptcy lawyers will be in demand for years to come.


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    What to do in high school

    If you plan on becoming a bankruptcy lawyer it is advisable to start developing the traits required for a lawyer at an early age. The most important one of them all; study hard.

    You should post top notch grades in your high school and devote a large part of time to studies. It will have a dual advantage for you; firstly good grades will confirm admission into a reputable institute for the graduate program. Secondly it will prepare you for the long study sessions that you will have to undertake in the law program. Try to participate in every speech and debating competition in your high school as it will polish your oratory skills to the required level. If you think your communication skills are not high enough, you need to work extra hard to improve your speaking skills. Do an internship with a law firm as it will count a lot when you will be applying for different law firms after qualifying as a lawyer.

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    Get a 4-year undergraduate degree

    Get admitted to a reputable university and complete your 4 year undergraduate program with flying colours. It is recommended to get a degree in pre-law. Keep cordial relations with a professor or two since you will be needing at least two letters of recommendation for the law school.

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    Complete the law studies

    Get enrolled in a law school program and complete the program within the stipulated time. Intern with a legal firm to get valuable professional experience. You will be called as a certified lawyer after passing your bar exam and you can start your legal practise right away.

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