How to Become a Better Golfer

Have you ever played golf and been disappointed because you didn’t have a idea how to make a perfect swing across the course and hole the ball?

Golf is a technical sport and you cannot master it without first gaining the know-how and practicing on the course.

Playing golf without proper guidance and expertise is boring as you will not find it interesting at all. Unlike other sports, golf follows complex rules and points system. One thing about golf that may surprise you is that you cannot be allowed entry to golf course without first getting yourself registered with a course administration.


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    Learn basic rules

    Learning basic golf rules is the first step to becoming a better a golfer. You are not supposed to master skills like a professional player, but unless you learn the basic guidelines and scoring system, you cannot gain expertise in the sport. There are several sites that are devoted to teaching basic golf rules. Plus you can have a look at the glossary as golf has many jargons that you may find confusing at first.

    PGA (Professional Golf Association) is the official golf tour based in the United States. You can visit the site. However, this website is best for you if you are familiar with the basic rules. You can search Google and find lots of tutorials (theory usually) and gain some insight into what this sport is all about.

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    Get yourself registered with a golf academy

    Once familiar with the basic rules, equipment that you will use on the course, and scoring system, you can now start practicing at a nearby golf course. Golf courses are not free to use, you will have to get yourself registered as a beginner and enroll in the basic training program.

    Since you have never played golf before, you will be given a chance to hone your skills on a shorter course. There are several golf academies, as you can find many of them on the Internet.

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    Practice swing, drive, and putting

    Making a strong swing is the key to becoming a better golfer, as you need to have enough flexibility in your upper body to hit the ball across the course. Practice swinging on an empty course.

    If you do not get a chance to practice much on the course, as there are many other golfers playing during your practice session, you can do it on any empty grassy ground. Get a T and try different swing techniques. Drive and putting are the two most important elements in golf.

    Putting needs precision and technique (not strength as is the case with swing), which can only be done with practice. Remember that putting can only be practiced on a proper golf course.

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