How to Become a Better Researcher

If you are planning to conduct any research for the final year thesis of your undergraduate programme or you are working in a research firm, you have to develop certain skills as a researcher. You cannot become a good researcher until or unless you improve your fundamentals of research. Furthermore, you will have to develop some specific skills so as to conduct your research fieldwork which is often quite difficult.

If you are aiming to become a better researcher, you can take help from the instructions in the given steps.


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    First of all, you have to be punctual in performing your duties and tasks. You can never become a good researcher until you do everything on time. In order to manage your time efficiently, you should prepare a schedule of your research and assign the necessary time for every section. It will be very important for you to meet all the deadlines to complete your research well on time.

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    Most of the students just go through Wikipedia for their research. Although, Wikipedia is quite an effective source to create initial understanding about any issue, but it is not an end in itself and you must search for all the other sources which are available to you so as to create thorough understanding about the topic or area of interest.

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    Referencing is one of the most important prerequisites of research. You have to provide the details of all the sources from where you have taken anything (term, sentence, table, figure, chart or idea). You cannot become a good researcher until you know the techniques of referencing.

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    You must develop a good research question. Normally, students don’t pay much attention towards the research questions. However, it is very important to have a clear research question as it helps you to stay focussed.

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    You should stay in contact with your supervisor so as to seek his or her advice for your work. Make the necessary changes in your work after getting reviews from your supervisor.

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    Your research tool should be valid and reliable. It is better for you to check the internal and external validity of your research tool before conducting the research. You can test your tool by conducting a pilot study. You should make the necessary changes in your tool after the pilot study.

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    Complete everything on time and submit your research to the respective authority.

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