How to Become a Bus Driver

Becoming a Bus Driver can be a very rewarding career as most major cities are always looking for trained bus drivers. If you enjoy driving large vehicles and have a clean driving record, then becoming a Bus Driver could be a highly profitable job for you. It is not difficult to become a Bus Driver as long as you work hard and get your Commercial Driving Licence, there are always positions open. You can earn a very decent living with a lot of benefits as most of the time you will be working for the City Government and they usually provide full insurance and health perks.


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    Get your Commercial Driving Licence:

    In order to become a Bus Driver, you will first have to get your Commercial Driving Licence. Study hard for the written and driving test. Also, you will have to sit and drive with someone who already has a Commercial Driving Licence in order to get your own licence.

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    Organise Paperwork:

    It is very important to organise your paperwork in terms of references and letters of recommendation from previous employment.

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    Clean Driving Record:

    It is crucial that you maintain a very clean driving record which is free of accidents or other serious issues. While working for the city, it is very important to have a clean driving record.

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    Look for a Job:

    Look for a suitable bus driving job in your area. Always apply giving all of your important information and schedule a potential interview if possible.

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    Go Through Requirements:

    Be sure to go through all of the tests and requirements that your potential employer might give. This can include a vision and drug test. Some of these tests can also be done while you are employed to ensure that you are physically fit and free from any drugs.

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    Get Training:

    If you applied for a city job, then most of the time you will get training to become a Bus Driver. Finish the training course and you will be fully qualified to drive a bus in the city.

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    Learn from other Drivers:

    You can learn a lot by sitting with other Bus Drivers in your area. You will learn all of the basics of handling a bus in traffic and how to maintain a calm environment for passengers.

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    Work on People Skills:

    Driving a bus is not just about the technical side, as it involves different types of people sitting and going from one place to another. You should improve or work on your people skills so that you can help understand the passengers.

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