How to Become a Coast Guard Lawyer

Becoming a Coast Guard Lawyer can be a very rewarding career for those that want to get out of their mainstream office routines. If you feel like your law career is going nowhere and sitting in a boring office all day is getting to you, becoming a Coast Guard Lawyer might be the right choice for you. The Coast Guard is a dynamic organisation which offers many lucrative legal positions which are not only challenging, but can offer you a good opportunity to advance your legal career. If you feel that you want to be a part of the Coast Guard and continue your professional legal career then becoming a Coast Guard Lawyer could be the right career choice for you.


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    Become a Licensed Attorney:

    It goes without saying that you must be a lawyer first in order to become a Coast Guard Lawyer. If you have graduated from an American Bar Association accredited law school and are between the ages of 21 and 40 then you have a good chance of becoming a Coast Guard Lawyer.

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    Pass Bar Examination:

    It is important that you pass the Bar Exam to prove that you are qualified as a lawyer and can practice law where you live. To become a Coast Guard Lawyer requires that you take and pass the Bar Examination.

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    Visit your local recruiter and apply to Coast Guard:

    When applying to the Coast Guard, it is imperative that you fill out the Direct Commission Officer application. This will allow you to enter the Coast Guard as a lawyer, giving you the rank of Lieutenant. This procedure is done if you are not currently a part of the Coast Guard. However, you should fill out the Advanced Education Program application if you are currently serving in the Coast Guard. While visiting your local Coast Guard recruiter is important to discuss any issues and questions that you might have regarding joining the Coast Guard.

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    Prepare for Physical Exam:

    Prepare for the physical exam as you must pass this test to become a part of the Coast Guard. Exercising and working out will help you get ready for the physical exam.

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    Prepare for Direct Commission Lawyer Panel:

    Once you have gone through the application process, the recruiter will organise a potential interview with the Direct Commission Lawyer Panel of the Coast Guard. Be sure to prepare for your appearance in front of the panel as they will decide if you are qualified to become a part of the Coast Guard.

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    Possible Relocation:

    Once you get accepted in to the Coast Guard as a lawyer, it is important to remember that you can possibly be relocated according to their needs.

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