How to Become a Finance Lawyer

Financial Law included a vast list of topics including tax, consumer fraud, corporate compliance, violation of consumer protection laws and stock fraud. Most of the financial organizations such as banks are protected by the State Laws to make sure that the customers and investors are protected from financial fraud. Though there are strict laws in place in most countries against financial fraud, some miscreants still find a loophole one way or another.

That’s where financial lawyers come in. They also provide legal guidance in issues such as finance policies, mergers and acquisitions, and financial fraud. A finance lawyer can represent government, big corporate sector organizations and individual clients. With the world becoming more and more business oriented and moving towards paper less currency with the passage of time, financial fraud is bound to increase, and there will always be the need for finance lawyers.


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    Make up your mind about becoming a lawyer in the early stage of your academic career. Because lawyer has to go through long degree programs, a lot of hard work, and must have the persistence to stick to the program when the going gets tough. So if you are a good student and want to become a lawyer, it’s advisable to work extra hard in your academics.  Also participate in debating competitions in your high school as they will help you polish your oratory skills.

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    Enrol in a 4-year graduate program. Most law schools do not take into consideration the majors of your graduate program. But if you wish to become a finance lawyer it is recommended to go for a degree program in some finance related field. If you want to go for corporate finance law, then choose courses which deal with mergers and acquisitions to develop background knowledge.

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    Prepare hard for LSAT and try to get a high score on it. Apply for law schools on the basis of your LSAT results. Some schools give more merit to LSAT test while the others give more weightage to the GPA of your graduate program. Don’t apply to each and every school, apply for those schools that are affordable for you and offer you the desired program. Work hard during the law school and concentrate just on studies. It is not advisable to waste much time on work during the law program. However, do get some professional experience in a law firm dealing with financial law.

    Pass the bar exam after graduation and apply for jobs in companies dealing with financial law. In the mean time intern with government financial organizations and start practising with lawyers to get valuable professional experience.

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