How to Become a Flight Crew Scheduler

Flight Crew Schedulers are often involved in handling absences and no shows of employees, recording sick calls and forwarding them to the HR manager, booking hotel rooms for the customers. Dealing with over scheduled flights and many other responsibilities, a flight crew scheduler plays a key role in everyday activities at the airport.

It you want to become a flight crew scheduler you will be glad to know that the steps involved nothing out of the extraordinary. Of course, you will be required to have the required academic qualifications but there are some other simple things which you should not ignore to secure your dream job.


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    Apply for the appropriate course at a reputable educational institution. All airlines require the applicants to have a high school diploma to work as a flight crew scheduler.

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    While you are studying at college, you should try and improve your IT skills and knowledge. Most airlines want expect flight crew schedulers to be master at computer operations.

    Some companies might even test your Microsoft office capabilities before offering you a job. Work hard to improve your typing speed. If you can type quickly and accurately, your chances of securing a job will improve significantly. You will also be required to be an expert user of Microsoft Excel as all attendance and absence records are usually entered into the Excel spreadsheets.

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    Communicate fluently and confidently with people so you can increase productivity. Dealing with complaints, queries and leaves, you will need to be on the phone for most part of the day. Improve your mathematical and algebraic skills by solving various equations that involve percentages, fractions and decimals.

    Organisation is another thing you will need to be good at to become successful in an extremely competitive environment. Read federal regulations and contracts to understand the requirements of aviation industry.

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    Show the potential employers that you have the ability to solve difficult problems. Organisation and management skills can be demonstrated by preparing a PowerPoint presentation for your employer. Ability to handle nerves and anger control techniques will help you cope with the demands of handling large number of complaints and queries on the phone.

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    Applying for the flight crew scheduler is also easy. Simply drop your CV and a covering later at the airport ticket counters or send your application by completing the online recruitment form.

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