How to Become a Freelance Filmmaker

Making a film is not an easy task at all as you need to have the required resources, crew and the actors to do that. It’s not just a one man show. If you want to become a freelance filmmaker you need to know how to survive. Freelancing filmmaker might be termed as a profession but it doesn’t guarantee constant monetary return. Sometimes you are on the fast lane and sometimes the business is not going well, either ways you need to be prepared.


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    Develop your social network by communicating and keeping in touch with all active film makers that you’re familiar with. It’s necessary to do that because these people would already be working in the field, and someday they might even ask you to work with them on an interesting project that could end up being your big break. Your work attitude is a major factor when it comes to getting established in the market, so try to be a good co-worker.

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    One thing that you should always keep in mind while socializing with different kind of people is that you have act nice with them. Your courteous attitude would spread positive word of mouth about you and that would help you in meeting with people who are looking for honest, talented and passionate filmmakers.

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    Getting yourself a job while working as a freelance filmmaker is important. Whether it maybe a novelist, teacher, speaker, actor, extra or soundman, you need to have a job which helps you in generating the much needed cash for pursuing your passion. Try to look for work at different studios that are currently producing a new project. Not only will this get you the money, but also the on-field experience which will help you in improving your technical skills.

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    Come up with projects that you feel passionate and interested in. You’ll be surprised to know that when a random investor can come up to you and ask if you’ve a project currently in progress. Apart from your vast portfolio, you should always have a great number of ideas lined-up for production.

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    Don’t feel shy in asking people about favors when it comes to looking for contacts or help. You need to speak up if you want to be known around the industry. Similarly, if someone asks you a favor don’t hesitate in helping them. However, don’t let them make a habit of it, as sometimes you have to learn to say no.

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