How to Become a Fruitarian

As the name clearly indicates, a person who only eats fruits is called as a fruitarian. However, some of the fruitarians include nuts, seeds and selected vegetables in their daily diet. Most fruitarians opt for this style of diet in order to raise their voice for plant rights and to have better health levels.

If you plan to become a fruitarian, it is highly recommended that you slowly mould yourself into this mode of eating and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Many people commit a blunder by bringing about an abrupt change. If you become a fruitarian overnight, it is surely going to have a bad impact on your health.


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    Change gradually

    As mentioned above, making a rapid change in your eating habits is going to have an adverse effect on your body. Therefore, you should start having fruits only for one meal per day. You can also eat fruits only on a specific day of a week. You should follow this plan for at least a month or two so that your body starts getting used to just fruits.

    As time goes by, you should increase your intake of fruits. Instead of one meal per day, have fruits only for two meals a day, preferably breakfast and dinner. Similarly, you can start limiting your body to just fruits for two or three days a week.

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    Observe your body’s reaction

    As you start to have more and more fruits instead of vegetables, meat or beans, you need to closely observe how your body reacts to the increased intake of fruits. Most probably, you will see that your former meals will not give you enough energy as compared to fruits or any kind of uncooked food.

    Once you witness these signs in your body, it means that you are now ready to become a pure fruitarian. With the inclusion of a few nuts and seeds will make you a lot happier and satisfied.

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    Organic fruits

    Whenever it is possible for you, buy organic fruits as they are more nutritious.

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    Eat after every 3 hours

    Instead of having fruits only three times a day, just like normal meals, you should eat fruits after every three hours and stop when you think you are full.

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