How to Become a Good Striker in Soccer

What matters the most when it comes down to playing soccer? Yes, it’s goal-scoring. Even though several teams rely a lot on their defence and do not let the opposition score any goal, but the truth is that if you can’t score any goals, you can’t win the game. Therefore, the striker’s position is extremely important since he/she is responsible for scoring goals. In order to become a good striker, you need a lot of things. You need to work on your pace, your vision, your goal-scoring, your shoots; since the strikers are the ones getting most of the fame, they also need to work a little extra.


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    Whenever you are playing soccer, make sure that you work on your pace in case you want to be a good striker. The sprint is required in order to beat the offside trap. The offside trap cannot be beaten with very less pace. You basically have to outpace the opposition defence line so you can easily work your way to the penalty area and score a goal.

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    The second most important thing you need to work on, are your shoots. Even if your shoots have the power, and they lack accuracy, you are definitely not good to go. You must practice all day in order to improve your target shooting. You must always hit the target even if the goalkeeper saves it. There is a high possibility that you might just simply hit the keeper and he makes a blunder and you score a goal.

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    The third thing you need to work on is your finishing. Sometimes the shoots are not the only way through which you can score a goal. You can also score a goal with the perfect finishing. Legendary strikers such as David Villa, Raul, or even Samuel Eto’o, did not only rely on their shooting. In fact, their finishing was superb. They would round the keeper off and find the back of the net.

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    Another thing which you need to work on is your body strength. At times the opposition defenders try to outmuscle you and that is when you need to hold your ground in order to take a good grasp on the ball. That is when your body strength will be needed so you can outmuscle any defender just to find the back of the net. It’s true that many strikers lack this quality, yet they still score goals. However, if you do have body strength, it will always be in your advantage.

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